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As much as we prefer fresh home cooked meals, running a business and a family gets crazy and we end up eating “out” far too often. Sometimes, pressed for time, we end up grabbing whatever the best choices are on the fast food menu.  I really shouldn’t dog on Micky D’s (although the one near us has personally failed us so many times, I will NEVER go there again), but this particular night, we chose the local taco drive through – because hey – sometimes you just need a TACO – or 5… but I digress.  I needed to grab a family dinner fast, drop my daughter at home, and take my dinner to go, as I headed to teach a class at the Northern Nevada Professional Photographer’s meeting. I pretty much had eaten nothing on that long day of shooting.  And all I wanted was a TACO.  But did I get a TACO?  NO.  I did not.  The girl at the window smiled and handed me a giant bag allegedly filled with our order.  It was not until we arrived home and I attempted to extricate my tacos from the rest of the family meal, that I realized we had received the wrong order by mistake.  And guess what?  NO TACOS!  Seriously.  Who goes to a place with TACO in the name and doesn’t order tacos?!!  And to make things worse, there was nothing in that order that I was even remotely interested in eating.  to say I was disappointed would be a gross understatement.  I was now FAMISHED, TACO DEPRIVED, and running late for my meeting.

What’s my point?  Well, if I had gone to a full service restaurant, gone inside, sat down, been greeted by a nice waitress who could focus on my order and my needs, I likely would have had a taco feast.  I would have been satisfied, heard, and truly served.

Sometimes a drive through might hold you over, but eventually you’re going to get a chalupa instead of a taco.  (What exactly IS a chalupa, anyway?)

Karen Laine Photography is NOT a drive through.


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Sweet little handsome ‘J’.  You stole my heart and you did such a great job at your first photo session.  In fact, this is one of my all time favorite sessions.  Mom loves rustic textures, neutral tones, and simplicity.  So we used props to reflect that.  She also wanted to make sure we captured all that pure newborn goodness with some b*re b*mm shots.  I just love everything about this.  Here is Master ‘J’ in all his pure newborn goodness.


Natural Burled Wood Bowl:  Homegoods  http://homegoods.com

Knitted basket stuffer:  Karen Laine Photography

Newborn boy posed in natural wood burl bowl on soft layers of worn burlap and wool knits, wrapped in a beige knit.PINIMAGE

I love everything about these photos. The warmth, the rustic organic look, the soft light, and those precious little fingers and toes!

I am in LOVE with this overhead perspective and how compact and tiny he looks and how his little hands are folded onto his little toes. So, so sweet!PINIMAGE

I am in LOVE with this overhead perspective and how compact and tiny he looks and how his little hands are folded onto his little toes. So, so sweet!

Close up profile photo of handsome newborn boy in Reno Nevada Portrait session.PINIMAGE

Look at this profile! Little heartbreaker in the making, here!

Close up photos of newborn babyPINIMAGE

Tiny little baby details are the best! Sweet little lashes, lips, toes, and fingers.

Newborn boy posed in a wrap on a gray flokati rug.PINIMAGE

I love the natural squishy little curled up shots you can get on a rug.

newborn on gray backdropPINIMAGE

This gray background is the perfect neutral for bringing attention to a sweet little guy. Look at that full head of hair!

Newborn in stunning photographic art piece.PINIMAGE

I don’t shoot many of my non prop ‘beanbag’ shots with my 35mm lens, but I had this shot in my head and new that it required the 35. I am so pleased with how it turned out. I love the colors and the natural simplicity of the composition. It is exactly as I envision it.

newborn on neutral backdropPINIMAGE

All the pure goodness of a sweet, little, wrinkly newborn. Loving all the rolls.

Smiling newborn photoPINIMAGE

Little man was getting to the end of his patience with me and decided to be wide awake. I wrapped him back up and he relaxed enough to finish up his session and grab these fun photos, including one with a wee little smile.

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Silas arrived in this world a bit early and spent the first week and a half or so in the NICU, so we were a little late getting his newborn session done.  Once we were sure he was doing well at home, we got him into my midtown Reno portrait studio for his session.  Mom and Dad and big sister lounged in the consult room while Grammy and Silas had our session.  Silas and his older sister are only 15 months apart in age and she was not too thrilled about being a part of the session, so we gave her a pass.  As you can imagine, Grammy takes lots of photos of her little angels, so there was no need to push.  You can see his big sissy’s newborn session  here.  So, as promised, here is a small sample of our sweet Silas.




Wooden Bowl:  JD Vintage

Bear hat and stuffy:  http://www.lukeowllily.bigcartel.com

Stocking caps:  https://www.facebook.com/LovesHairPretties/


Newborn posed on his back in a prop full of soft layering pieces.PINIMAGE

This is my favorite photograph from this session. I just love him all curled up so cozy on these soft layers and I love the colors with the warm, dark wood floor.

newborn posed on his back with a sweet little bear hat and stuffed bear toy.PINIMAGE

So, so sweet.

Newborn on natural flokati rug in Reno, Nevada newborn portrait session.PINIMAGE

Loving these sweet natural shots on this yummy caramel colored flokati rug.

dramatically lit newborn profile photo.PINIMAGE

So in love with this sweet little man. Good lighting makes or breaks a photo and is something I am so proud to have developed with my newborn work. You can see each sweet little feature in these images.

Newborn baby boy posed in chin on hands  pose with teal background and cream stocking cap.PINIMAGE

Little man messed the pants to this outfit before we could use them, so we went with the cute little stocking cap by LOVE’S PRETTY PROPS and a little nakey bumm.

Sleepy baby posesPINIMAGE

Love these dramatic black and white sleepy poses.

Baby boy scowls for his photos by Karen Laine Photography.PINIMAGE

Little scowl.  Another sweet stocking cap by LOVE’S PRETTY PROPS.

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It’s time for me to brag a little.  In March, my NINTH grandchild was born.  This is what happens when you raise a houseful of kiddos.  In a few years, they are all popping out babies like the end is coming.   I often get shocked responses at the number of kids I have (SEVEN) and that I CANNOT be old enough to have that many kids – grown kids!  Well, my husband and I have “His, Hers, and Ours”.  I raised his three girls along with my two and our two.  So, technically, I am too young to have them all – well depending on what state you are from…  Ha!  Just kidding.  Anyway, in my heart, they are all my babies and so are their babies.  So NINE and counting…  Anyway, as I started this post, it occurred to me that I haven’t blogged number 8’s newborn photos.  Lame Grammy, right?  So, his will be next.  🙂

Here is our newest little nugget, Saoirse Amina.  (Seer-sha Uh-mee-na)  I will never learn to spell this poor child’s first name.  I had to look it up again!  I don’t speak Gaelic!  Little Miss Amina is the sweetest, happiest girl with about the chubbiest newborn cheeks I have ever photographed.  She would have let me pose her for days while she happily slept away.  I am so in love with this little miss and so in love with her beautiful session.  Mom’s favorite color has always been purple as far back as I can remember.  Her room was purple as a kid, her wedding colors were yellow and purple…So, I showed up to their house in Texas with a suitcase loaded down with purple backdrops, purple basket stuffers, and purple headbands to adorn this full head of newborn hair.

Welcome to the world little princess. XOXO

profile newborn portraitPINIMAGE

Check out those cheeks, y’all.

Newborn portrait with older Sister on Flokati Rug.PINIMAGE

Hanging with Sis. Little Miss A has two adoring siblings, however, Master Liam would have none of this cuddling for the camera nonsense.

newborn posed on rug, wrapped in purple.PINIMAGE

Sweet dreams, princess.

Newborn close up photographs, eyelashes, lipsPINIMAGE

Oh, those tiny little baby bits.

Newborn portrait in the "Froggy Pose"PINIMAGE

Little miss did all the poses. She’s a modeling prodigy. Those cheeks.

Squishy little baby pose called the "Lazy Bum Up"PINIMAGE

Squishy sweetness.

Newborn Portrait in knitted bonnet and shorts.PINIMAGE

Angelic. I love the soft textures in this blanket and the bonnet and shorties set from Coco Bella Organic Baby.

Newborn PortraitsPINIMAGE

Did I mention her CHEEKS?  And this girl smiles.  All.  The.  Time.  So cute!

Wrapped newborn portraitPINIMAGE

This is one of my favorites. I just love how she is wrapped up in this soft knitted piece.

sleeping newborn portraitsPINIMAGE

Sleepy time photos are always so precious.

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