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Weddings with Karen Laine Photography

“She is AMAZING!!!! All of our wedding photos turned out better than I could have ever imagined.” Victoria V.

My Heart to Yours

The day you pledge your forever love to another is arguably the most important moment of your life. It sets the tone and context for every day following. Whatever kind of day you plan for taking this step and celebrating it is simply the way you choose to tell the story to the people you care about. It’s the setting, not the plot. Both are important, but the most important part of the story are its characters: You, your beloved, and all the people who mean the most to you. Because that’s what’s real. Because, your love story isn’t just about your love for each other, but your love for all the other important people in your life and the love for the future you are making together.

Your wedding day story is the culmination of all these things, making it truly unique. It’s my job to capture all of it, especially the moments that give your story texture and meaning. Every time you open your wedding album and see your story told on its pages, I want you to feel the emotion of the day as fresh and deep as you did on your wedding day — all the love, all the joy being relived with each turn of the page – forever. Maybe it sounds cheesy, but it’s true. When the day is over and all the decorations are put away, the one thing that remains is the story. Your photographs are what tell that story. They’re what enable you to continue to keep the story alive. I hope you will choose Karen Laine Photography to capture your unique love story.

My Focus, Your Moments

While I capture all the details of your day, my focus is on the natural moments that make it unique.  No approach is 100% photojournalistic, but great emphasis in my wedding work is placed on capturing as many of those organic interactions as possible.  That being said, I will certainly give direction when called for, including direction that will facilitate the most natural engagement possible.  I am trained in an approach I refer to as photojournalistic posing, that applies the best parts of posing theory to create beautiful, natural body positions in camera while allowing for organic interaction to happen.  The gentle coaching I give creates images that are elegant, romantic,  and filled with authentic emotion and a hint of fun without feeling stiff and contrived.

My Look, Your Heirloom

There are many ‘looks’ popular right now in photography.  Some are more related to how an image is shot regarding lighting choices and lens choices, etc.  Some are more related to how the images are processed and finished.  I prefer for the ‘style’ of my work to emanate from the way the images are shot, rather than the way they are edited, so they are both as genuine and as timeless as possible.  No one wants to look back at their wedding photos and cringe at the gaudy filter that was applied to all the images.  There will be enough cringing at the hair styles and out of date fashion trends. (insert raspberry blowing emoji)  Because of the choices I make in shooting and my light-handed approach to editing, I achieve a timeless, fresh look in my images.  I believe they are as pleasing now, as they will be into the future.

My Professionalism is Your Business

Karen Laine Photography takes professionalism very seriously.  KLP is a properly licensed, permitted, and insured business entity. We use professional grade equipment that is properly maintained and we arrive at weddings with back up equipment to insure that you receive a job well done on your important day.  We are well connected within the professional photography community providing for emergency contingency plans.  Karen Laine Photography is a proud member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and invests regularly in continuing education in the field of professional photography.

My Service, Your Satisfaction

With everything I do in the service I give, I strive to remember your experience.  I hope to go above and beyond your expectations always, not just in quality of service, but in the way you are treated.  I do my best to communicate with you well and live up to my word.  You are my focus.  I want you to walk away feeling valued and uplifted.  I want you to be thrilled that you chose Karen Laine Photography.